If you intend to use more of a copyright work than is permitted under the Copyright Act or to which the University does not have a licence or contractual agreement, please contact Ask The Library.

  • Written permission of the Copyright Owner is required if

    • You wish to copy a substantial part of a work which has been separately published and is still available for purchase
    • Your intended use falls outside the provisions of a Contractual Agreement or License
    • You intend to use more than is permitted under the Australian Fair Dealing provisions
    • You wish to re-use student work
    • You wish to use photographs of people. This may infringe the University‚Äôs privacy policy, particularly if the subject is clearly recognisable. Always obtain the permission (Talent Release Form) from the person photographed before re-using their image.
    • Permission MUST be received in writing (email okay)
    • Permission MUST be granted by someone who has the authority to grant permission
    • Permission statement MUST be included with the work copied
    • A copy of the permissions 'letter' MUST be lodged with the Copyright Officer

    If you need to verify the status of a permissions request or determine whether the University has obtained permission to use a particular work, contact Ask The Library or search the Copyright Register.

    If you need to seek permission yourself (i.e. for publication, commercial or personal use), you should ensure that any permission is obtained in writing in the event that you are challenged about it at a later date. The Thesis Toolkit contains a sample permission letter.