The Copyright Act contains a special provision which allows you to reproduce portions of copyright works for use as questions or answers in exams or assessable tests set as part of a course.

You may copy as much of a literary (books, articles, tables), dramatic (script, screenplay), musical (sheet music not sound) or artistic (diagrams, maps, charts, photographs, paintings) work as you require.

    • only applies to print exams
    • applies only for the duration of the exam
    • cannot be relied upon for setting a practice test in a class
    • does not allow you to make the exam paper available online or transmit via email
    • if you wish to make the test of exam available online you may do so only if you remove any copyright material that exceeds the limits permitted under the University’s Educational Licenses
    • you must acknowledge your source
  • If you wish to reproduce sound recordings, films or radio & TV broadcasts as part of exams or tests, you may do so only in accordance with the conditions and limits of the University's Educational Licenses. This means films and sound recordings can only be reproduced if they are radio or television broadcasts or covered by the music licence.

  • If you wish to reuse past exams as study aids, teaching resources or as practice exams, you will need to ensure you have the necessary permissions to do so.

    • If you are reusing an exam created by someone else, you will need to obtain their consent.
    • If the exam contains text, images, sound or film, you will need to ensure that the amount copied does not exceed prescribed copying limits in the Copyright Act.

    Any permissions received must be received in writing and must be granted by someone who has the authority to grant the permission. The permission statement must be included with the work copied, and a copy of the permissions ‘letter’ must be lodged with Copyright Services.