Barbara Hardy Institute

  • CRC Low Carbon Living

    Research Node for Low Carbon Living

    This node, hosted by UniSA, will contribute to technological, social and economic research that will facilitate the development and utilisation of low carbon products and services.

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  • Living laboratories to test new pathways for low carbon living

    Living laboratories to test new pathways for low carbon living

    A new partnership with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living and UniSA to investigate pathways for low carbon living in Adelaide.

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Making our communities more sustainable is one of the greatest challenges of our time. At The Barbara Hardy Institute we aren’t afraid to take on the complex questions that surround this issue.

The answers we seek cannot be found by research that is focused on single topics alone. So we bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines, developing synergistic responses that will help us create sustainable communities. We’re tackling technological, environmental and social concerns.

We have world-leading scientists, engineers and social scientists working collaboratively towards a future which sees the 'widespread adoption of sustainable principles and environmentally correct practices', as articulated by our patron, eminent South Australian Dr Barbara Hardy.

Simply put, what we do is great research into sustainability.

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Research and administrative staff from the Barbara Hardy Institute are based primarily at the following UniSA campuses: