Lead Researcher: Professor Christopher Chow

Forestry plantation and processing worksites often involve interaction between workers and machinery posing safety risks. Working with two sawmilling companies’, prototypes have been developed of an artificial intelligence learning system for detecting people and machinery. A prototype system has been developed and was trialled with videos taken of sawmill situations in place of being able to trial onsite due to COVID restrictions.

Two seminars have been delivered during September 2020 focusing on the deliverables from this project and the potential for sensor-based approach to skills training and situational awareness for worker safety. An algorithm has been developed and provided that when run on a smartphone platform can differentiate people from moving vehicles and can be setup to trigger an alarm. The software could be operated from fixed or moving cameras. Artificial Intelligence works for the intended function but outside the scope of this project more needs to be done to develop a commercial hardened solution including: early and accurate notification of hazards, algorithm improvement (learning) to reduce false alarm rates, hardware and positioning selection and supporting operational requirements. 

Our team: Chris Chow, Rameez Rameezdeen, Ivan Lee, Kutluyil Dogancay, Jill Dorrian, Jun Ahn, Jim O’Hehir and Braden Jenkin (Sylva Systems Pty Ltd)  


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