The University of South Australia’s Health and Biomedical Innovation (HBI) leads research into the workings of the body and its interaction with its surrounding environment. We address fundamental questions about how the body and its environment work together, that informs our knowledge of the human body, in both health and disease.

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Our group studies the complex workings of the body and its interaction with environment. Our goal is to address fundamental questions about how the body and its environment work and to integrate this knowledge to increase our understanding of the human body as a whole, in both health and disease. This approach involves measuring changes in the body with disease and the impact of interventions and allows us to discover biomedical pathways to improve health while providing the foundational knowledge required for translation into clinical practice. We achieve this through initiating, and being sought for engagement with, strong partnerships with other national and international thought leaders in academia, clinical practice, industry, government and our community. 

Our work is disseminated through production of high-quality publications, engagement with end-users and the community at conferences and with public presentations. Our fundamental approach to science provides a strong basis for student engagement across all health science programs, integrating our research into our teaching practices to develop industry ready graduates and engage them in our research endeavours.

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Enterprising Research: Detecting placental insufficiency in pregnant women

Find out more about the fascinating research of UniSA's Professor Janna Morrison on placental insufficiency in pregnant women. Professor Morrison and her team explored the following question: can we watch the placenta give sugar to the fetus?

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